MAC unable to retrieve ‘Notes’

My Passport is set to back up Notes.

Searched Time Machine as I wanted to retrieve a section of a Notes page I deleted accidentally - when I click on Notes it doesn’t open, and displays a circle with line through.

If you have a solution please advise in an easy to understand way. Thanks.

Sorry to hear about your issue with Time Machine. Backups can be tricky sometimes. Have you tried restoring other files to check if it’s just the Notes app that’s having trouble?

Hey, sounds like a frustrating situation. When dealing with backups, it can get tricky. Have you tried accessing your Notes through another device or platform? Sometimes that can help bypass the issue. If you’re still stuck, consider exploring alternative note-taking options like NotesOnline ( It’s an online service I’ve found handy for creating quick, disposable notes. You might find it useful too.