Mac to PC Conversion?

Unfortunately I managed to break my amazing MacBook Pro and it is $1200 to repair.  Thankfully before the destruction, I backed up my hard drive on a My Book.  My dad gave me a Dell desktop, which works wonderfully, except I don’t have any of my files.  I am a musician, so I really miss my music! My Mac is still slightly functional (but it’s screen is mostly dead and is falling apart.)  I plugged my My Book into the PC and it says, “There is no writable WD SmartWare partition available on this WD drive.  This can occur if you are attempting to write to a WD formatted for a different operating system, of if the drive is locked.”  Well, it is pretty obvious that I am on a different operating system, but is there ANY way I can retrieve my files without reformatting my My Book and starting over…I’m not sure my MAC can take it.

If your drive is still functional, you should able to copy/move your stuff from My Book to borrowed Mac.

And then you need to download and install NTFS-3G from here to same Mac.

Then format your drive to NTFS using windows PC. Be sure to select either default allocation size or 64K for faster performance.

Now connect your drive to borrowed Mac and move your stuff back in to your drive. You should be able to use your drive with Windows & Mac now.

FYI: I don’t use Smartware as it makes things more complicated.

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