Mac TM Fails

Client OS: MacOS 10.12.2
Firmware: 2.21.126

Time Machine will work fine for awhile. Will fail with 'The backup on “Drive” is already in use. Reboot of the Mac does not resolve this issue. Rebooting the EX2 is required.

Another issue I see is when two separate users on are logged on to the MAC (separate user accounts)
are connected to the MyCould EX2, switching between users, one of the two accounts will not access the device. Reboot of the Mac is required.

Attempted full power cycle.

Please let me know if others are also seeing this issue.

I’m getting something similar. It seems (for me) to have been since the update to 10.2.3 or 10.2.2…

In my case, My mac will say that the disk isn’t found, despite it being switched on connected to the same network. If I try to connect to it by clicking on the icon in Finder it says it’s unavailable or wont connect. But if I use “connect to server” or go to the ip address via a browser I can connect with no problem.

Thought perhaps the energy saving/putting the disks to sleep may have caused a problem but turning that off doesn’t seem to have helped.

The only thing that does seem to work is to unplug ethernet cable/turn off wifi. Wait a few seconds, plug cable back in/turn on wifi, then it’s all fine again…for a little while. Irritating!