Mac Time Machine

How and where can I find out how to use My Passport with Time Machine?  It took 4 hours to back up the first time if it worked.  I don’t know how to retrieve my files.  I wanted a back up, but there isn’t any information about Time Machine and retrieval.  I have no manual or any information about what it even does.  Can someone lead me to a manual.  The fellow at the Apple Store told me what to do and I did it.  It got it’s back up from Time Machine on my MacBook.  I’m no Techie, as you are already aware.  I would like to know more about what my product, My Passport SE MAC 1T does.  Can anyone help?

Time Machine is a easy to use application, don’t worry, you do not need to be a “techie” to use this.

Visit the Links below, they will give you instructions on how to use Time Machine: