Mac - Running applications, i.e. games, photoshop etc from My Cloud Home?


This might be a dumb question, and I may be overlooking an obvious “no” here, but is there any way to get apps such as Origin, GOG Galaxy Client, and Photoshop to be stored on my MyCloud (I have managed that part) and run from My Cloud Home??

I have managed to install them both after a -36 error code was sorted, and no they “quit unexpectedly” when opened. Can My Cloud Home not have applications? Because I had a WD My Passport before that did.

Any comment is appreciated, thank you.


I don’t think it’s possible with this type of NAS. Should work on the normal My Cloud.


Hi, thanks for the reply. Why wouldn’t it work with this type of NAS as opposed to another? Is there something required to make this work? Thanks


There is a WD server between your computer and the My Cloud Home.