Mac problem or external drive problem?

Hey fellas

So i have a WD My Passport for Mac (500 GB) and i’ve had it plugged in to a sort of flimsy 40 dollar USB hub with a few other heavy duty pieces of gear also connected to it.

Yesterday my computer crashed, and when i turned it back on, only 2 out of the 4 slots on my USB hub seemed to be working. I plugged my external drive into one of the working ones, and it seemed to blow out as well because my computer wasn’t recognizing the drive.

I am now left with one working usb slot, it works when i plug My Passport into it, and My Passport works when i plug it into the USB slots on my actual Mac.

When i plug My Passport in to any of the other 3 not working slots on my USB port though, the Passport’s light turns on and the fans start running but my Mac does not recognize it.

I don’t care if i have to get a new USB hub, i just want to make sure nothing seems wrong with my passport?

Welcome to the Community.

If your WD Passport is working fine on your Mac then there is nothing to fear. However, if you’d like to run a diagnostic test this can be done using your Mac’s built-in Disk Utility.