Mac OSX Mountain Lion - WD TV Live - No media in current file


I’ve searched his forum for an answer for my question, but i’ve not succeeded! So i hope someone can help me here.

I’m using a 2010 macbook pro with NFS enabler to stream to my WD TV Live with Linux Network Share. This all work perfectly, but suddenly i received the message when entering my external hard drive through my WD TV Live “No media in current file”, but then minutes there it just work perfectly. The strange thing is that i can stream content from my internal hard drive, only with my external hard drive he says “No media in current file”.

i’ve tried a couple of things but none work! Re- formatting the HDD didn’t work, re-starting the WD and my mac didn’t work.

Also i made sure that “everyone” is able to read/write the HDD, but also after i wasn’t able to see my content. 

I hope someone can help me with this, if i need to be more specific somewhere please tell me and i wil explain futher.


See if the link below helps.

Thanks for the comment, but this is not what i meant!

I know how to share my exHDD folder, but when i do that my WD Tv Live says there is no media in current folder, but there is. And my inHDD he reconizes and he also can play media from it.

I want to know why my WD TV Live won’t reconizes my external HDD by nfs streaming over linux.