Mac osx mavericks my cloud 3TB connection problems and very slow transfer speeds

I have just bought a 3TB WD MyCloud 3TB, but the connection is slow to network even on a gigaport.

The filetransfer speed is slow(under 1MBPS-How much should i expect?).

Seagate go flex is much faster in comparison.

Is there any settings/update i need to do. I have latest firmware on the device.


I bought mine last Saturday. Are you trying wirless? or wired? My pc is wired to the Gigabit router and transfer speed is very fast and videos almost play isntantly. Make sure you assign a static address to mycloud.

Wirelessly, well, it depends on your wireless router. in my house, some rooms (a bit far) are slow, But if I am in the same room as the wirelss router then it is working (from Ipad) at 60 Mbps (max speed).

To boost other rooms I am going to install wireless extender.

I don’t think it si the NAS unless you have a DOA (dead on arrival) box. Maybe others have some tips.