Mac OSX I/O Errors (Code -36) G Speed Studio XL


Just a quick one I am having issues copying media files to and from a G-Speed Studio XL. It stops coping giving me a -36 error code, which is an I/O error and telling me the file is corrupt (It isnt). Finder then hangs up needing a hard reboot. It is frustrating, dangerous for my data and G Tech support is non existent.

The normal remedy for the -36 error code is to do a dot_clean command and to delete the DS_store from the terminal app for the relevant directories. Neither of these makes any difference.

Based on my experimentation I have noticed that I am more successful moving files if I break them into smaller batches, meaning transferring 20 files at a time (not a feasible option when youare dealing with 1000s of drives). Also the more complex the directory structure the more issues I seem to have, but even if I only transfer the media files themselves ie no hidden files or sub directories I still have this issue.

Directories from my Fuji camera and DJI SSD seems to present me the most issues.

To clarify all updates are installed, checking the drive integrity with both the G Tech and 3rd party software reveals no issues. Read/Write speed are within spec.

Shot in the dark I know but does anyone have any suggestions as to what could be the underlying cause or if G Tech would actually offer some tech support and take some responsibility for their products that would also be nice.