Mac OS X Yosemite and SMB access?

I am trying to setup roon for my music mgr and player. I have all my music on My Cloud drive. I can access the drive fine from Finder and am having no problems at all. However, apparently the present setup is “mounting” via AFP. Roon requires SMB. I have been googling around trying to find information on how to setup access to My Cloud via SMB with no luck so far.
Has anyone been able to mount their My Cloud via SMB? If so, any guidance would be most appreciated.

I used google “mycloud mac smb”, and found:

Ralphael posted this:

Obviously replace the IP address with that of your MyCloud.

thank you for the link. I will check it out. I do have My Cloud device setup on my network with a static IP Address. I set that up from the very beginning to minimize all those testy little dynamic IP address headaches.