Mac OS X performance is sooooooooooooooooooooo SLOW!

Hi All,

This is my final attempt to get some resolution on this issue.

I have the best computer in the world, a Mac Mini running Lion 10.8.3… I was so excited to buy a cheap NAS from my fav HD manufacturer, 3tb with the promise of time machine capability.

For the record, time machine backups work (sonmetimes they corrupt, not sure if WD or Mac issue here).

I get decent transfer rates, both upload and download (after I removed all the non-essential services).

BUT, when I try to use the device to browse folders for photos, files, etc. It is just way to SLOW! To the point that the preview application will CRASH! This really gets my jimmies rustled.

From  a Windows 7 VM on my Mac, the NAS performance is PERFECT!  Browsing folders and opening pics is perfect.

This is all running over a wired 1GB network. 

So disappointed with the Mac OS X support from WD on this one. 

PLEASE come out with a fix ASAP WD! I’ll be waiting…

Interesing findings. I’ve been using my MBPro wirelessly (along with my Win-7 ethernet connect) to MBL 2tb without any of the issues you report. Throughput is very good and finder has no issues when browsing the MBL.

Not sure what to tell you… maybe a reset of your MBL will fix it.

Hey Captain Buss,

Are you browsing folders that contain a lot of media content?


I’m doing a time machine backup right now, and upload speed jumps all over the shop, ranging from 1MB/s up to 33 MB/s.

You ever get anything like that?


Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 11.36.06 PM.png

This is fairly common performance from my mighty Mac Mini.