Mac os x Lion

I apologize in advance if this question has been answered before, but Im hoping for some answers for someone who is a bit computer/software challenged!!! Your help is appreciated.

I recently replaced my old Mac laptop which ran on Tiger with a new Macbook Air which runs on Lion. I have been using a World Book (I dont beleive its studio) external hardrive to backup my music, photos and documents. I am trying to use Time Machine on my new MacBook to access World Book. It finds World Book, but then displays this message after I try to log in using my password:

“The version of the server you are trying to connect to is not supported. Please contact your administrator to resolve the problem.”

Help please???!!!


yes, help!  i have a new macbook air with Lion; i just bought a new "Passport/Essential’ to use with time machine.  the guys in the shop just told me i would have to reformat it, but i see on the box it says ‘requires formatting for Leopard and Snow Leopard’ : can I use it with Lion?  I have not opened the box as I would take it back if i have to…  thanks for any quick responses!

What My Book World are you using? White Light or Blue light? Also, did you updated the firmware of the drive to the latest version available? This is recommend if you are using Lion.

madvg, you should be able to format and use this drive in Lion without any issue.