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j’ai un My Book Essential Edition 2.0 (disque dur USB) qui fonctionnait tres bien avec Time Machine jusqu’au système 10.68, mais depuis que je suis passé au 10.7 (Lion) Time machine commence a faire la sauvegarde et au bout d’un moment celle-ci s’arrete et je suis oblige a chaque fois d’initialiser mon disque dur.

j’espere pouvoir compter sur une mise a jour du firmware car etant sous mac il n’y a pas de logiciel WD d’installe sur mon disque interne.

merci de me tenir au courant.




I have a My Book Essential Edition 2.0 (USB drive) that works very well with Time Machine system to 10.68, but since I switched to 10.7 (Leo) Time Machine starts tobackup and at the end of a moment it stops and I have every time to initialize my hard drive.

I hope to have a firmware update for Mac being there is no software to install WDon my internal drive.

thank you for keeping me informed.

Western Digital is currently working on an update for Mac OS X 7. Since the operating system was recently released it is not officially supported just yet. Hopefully we will soon receive a release note from WD with an update to make WD products compatible with Lion.  

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pour information :

j’ai actuellement 2 produits de chez vous, le premier un My book essential edition 2.0 [Deleted] qui lui ne fonctionne pour l’instant pas avec time machine et le second WD elements desktop [Deleted] qui lui fonctionne parfaitement avec time machine

merci de me tenir au courant de la mise a jour pour mon My book




for information:

I currently have two products to you, the first one My Book Essential Edition 2.0 [Deleted] it does not for now with time machine and the second WD Elements Desktop [Deleted] which works perfectly with Time Machine

thank you for keeping me informed of the update on my My Book

Hi All

Is there any solution out there for this issue by now?


I agree…its been 4 weeks, I’d really like to back up all my files please!

Hi @ All

Any news?

Mac OS X 10.7.2 is out now and I still can’t access my external drive :angry:  … c’on guys!

Thanx for your reply!

Sort it out WD. Mac OSX Lion has been out for months, why is there still no firmware update for Mybook for Mac?

When will this be sorted?

Yes, do it something for Lion. Studio Edition in RAID 1 is so slow !

Do you know when this will be fixed ?

WD has given no public time frame.