Mac os X Lion - Wifi - Time Machine - "MyBookLive-backup" - no detection


I have just bought a My Book Live 2 TB yesterday. I want to use Time machine to backup my Mac (yes it’s on Max OS X LION) . I know there is some problem between MBL and OS X Lion, and to fix it, i must update my MBL to the last version. I did that. 

My MBL is connected to my wifi router with ethernet cable, and my computer is connected to the router by wifi. In this configuration, impossible to use Time Machine with the MBL. But, if i connect my computer with an ethernet cable to the router all is right and i can use Time Machine. 

Is there a solution to use MBL with a comupter running Mac Os X Lion on wifi and using Time Machine ?

I precise that with the wifi, i can access to the configuration page of the MBL and i can use standard sharing. 

Thank you for answers.

PS : Sorry for my english… my maternal language is frenche.

I have the exact situation with one of my computers.

The NAS  is drectly connected to the router ( airport extreme base station) and

my Mac Book Air connected via WiFi.

Time Machine runs fine with my setup ( I am actually backing up two macs to the

time macine).

When you say you cannot use the WiFi setup how is the failure presented?

If you created a backup by direct connection you might want to delete that

backup and start from scratch. It might be the case that a direct connect backup

is not compatible with a wireless generated backup without some fiddling around.


Thank you for your answer.

I can’t use TimeMachine because the backup part (MyBookLive-backup) of the MBL is not visible when i use Wifi. The Time Machine can’t be launch without disk. 

When i plug the ethernet cable, i can see MyBookLive-backup then Time Machin runs fine.

I tried to create a another sharing on the MBL and use it for Time Machin. But Time Machine runs but during the initialisation he does an AFP protocol error. 

Maybe my probleme come from my router. this one block the AFP protocol for Wifi. Is see somewhere on the there is some problem with wifi for some router but there was no other information about this…

is someone has an idea… i will take it ^^


If your machine is connected via wifi and the NAS is directly connected then what

happens when you open the time machine preferences and click on the ‘Select Disk’


On my setup I see all of the attached drives *and* an entry named ‘TimeMachine’.

You need to select this disk.

Do you see the TimeMachine volume when you do as I described?


I have the exact same problem. Time Machine can find it when the Macbook Pro is connected to the ethernet cable. But the moment it goes on Wifi, poof it disappears.

I have the same problem, and the Public folder keep changing name from Public to Public-1 or Public-2

Looks like it’s an inherent problem for MBL with Time Machine and Wifis then… This is very sad. I thought I bought a superb network drive to store things straight on the air… Looks like I’m wrong.