Mac OS X El Capitan won't connect to MyBook Live

I’m trying to move files to my MyBook Live external, and as I go into Finder, it won’t let me access the drive through the files system. I’m able to access the files through my iPhone and iPad.

These are video files.

I should say I access the drive from my Mac wirelessly, and the drive is tethered to my router. It seems to otherwise work, including setting up new devices to access.

I’ve tried rebooting it through the web portal, and I ran a diagnostics test, which says it’s functioning. I’ve also tried to reset it at the drive, and I unplugged and replugged it in.

Update: I was able to access the file system through my Macbook Air, which is still on Yosemite.

It says my firmware is up to date.

Seems to be lots of problems with El Capitan update and WD products, both blaming each other!