"Mac OS X 10.8 does not support encryption of your data from a mounted drive"

I’ve got web access enabled on my 2TB MyBookLive.

From Safari on my MacBook running Mountain Lion, I can log in through  https://www.wd2go.com.  

When I have entered my passwords, the java applet shows the message 

“Mac OS X 10.8 does not support encryption of your data from a mounted drive”

just before showing me the list of shares.

I’m unsure how to interpret this.  Does it mean the connection from my Finder to the MyBookLive is unencrypted?

Many thanks in advance for any help.

Check if you have the latest java update installed, you can also try with another web browser. 

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Alas it’s the same in Firefox.

And I’ve just checked for Java updates under System Preferences; it says I have the recommended version (Java 7 update 9).

I’m not sure what the message means, but it does make me a little bit nervous.  I wouldn’t want to mount the file system if subsequent internet communication was unencrypted.


This is very annoying…

Is there any timeline to fiw this issue ? Any workaround ?

I’m still not sure if there is an issue at all: Perhaps the message *doesn’t* mean that the ‘line’ is unencrypted.  

But it would be great to know what it actually does mean. 

The connection is unencrypted (http (dav), not https (davs)). (just type mount on a terminal window  to check it).

This is really a feature broken when using 10.8. too bad…

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Thanks for clearing this up Olivier.  It hasn’t occurred to me to check it that way.  

Yes, very inconvenient that this has happened!  :-(