Mac OS USB drive

I just came into possesion of a 1TB drive that is 99.5% full.  The problem is that it is formatted as Mac OS Extended (Journaled).

Can I plug this into the USB port on the MyCloud and copy the files to the MyCloud that way or am I going to have to hook the drive to a Mac and copy the files over my network to the MyCloud?

Hi NunyaBiznas, the My Cloud will work Mac OS Extended formatted drives. You can do it both ways, either by connecting the USB drive to the My Cloud, mapping it on your Mac and copying the files, or by connecting the USB drive directly to the Mac and copying the files from there. 


I tried it both ways:
Ext drive hooked to MyCloud said it would take 5 days to copy via Mac. Started at 32 but settled in at 5.

Ext drive hooked to Macbook Air with thunderbolt to Ethernet connection settled in at 2 days.

Is there a faster way? I know using DOS copy commands is faster than using windows.

you could try with the drive connected to the mycloud and using the WD desktop app. this will keep the transfer on the mycloud, not the LAN

Never thought about trying the desktop app. What I ended up doing was plugging the MyCloud into the Mac’s Ethernet port and the other drive into Mac USB port. Said it would take 8 hours. I started it before I left this morning so it should be done when I get home.