Mac OS - Mybook world edition II

Hi folks,

Im not sure if this is the right forum for this, but could not find a category for “mybook” drives.

I have an old Mybook world edition II NAS and im trying to get it working with my MAC book, but i cant find it when i launch WD Access software on my MAC.

Model: WD10000d033

Ive also tried a windows XP VM, but when i launch WD access installer it says will only work with vista SP2. Grrrr :frowning:

Ultimatley i want to reformat the drive completely and run EXfat file system, and hopefully be able to use the drive as a NAS and keep my MAC time machine backups on it.

The drive is visible in network places on MAC and XP, so working fine.

Any help much appreciated :slight_smile:


Then what’s the Problem? You can’t reformat a NAS, nor should you need to.

Thanks tony. So is it possible to manage this device via MAC OS? Is there software available from WD for this?

Getting some kind of GUI / mgmt access would be a great help :slight_smile: