Mac not recognizing new Elements drive

Hi everyone.

Just encounted a problem with my new WD Elements 2TB drive.  I got this drive as a gift for Christmas, worked fine out of the box, and I backed up a handful of things onto it.  However, I recently upgraded from my mac from Tiger to Leopard 10.5.8.  Since I have done that, the drive no longer works.  I gets an error to the effect of NTFS-3G could not mount, dyld.library not loaded, image not found…

Can anyone please help?  My other older Seagate drive still works, which seems odd…  Thanks!

Jummm… You’re using the NTFS-3G tool to read/write to the file system of this NTFS preformatted drive. You can uninstall the NTFS software and reinstall to see if the same thing happens. Also, go to ‘‘Applications’’, utilities and disk utility to see if the drive is listed in there.

The drive does appear in the disk utility, do I have to format it? How do I change it to NTFS-3G?

NTFS-3G is a utility it might be corrupt. Try uninstalling it reboot then reinstall also go back to the Apple sight and make sure you have the newest edition. Did you do a clean install or just upgrade the existing system? In windows upgrades frequently cause problems.