Mac noises


I just installed a 12TB G-Drive and use it with a MacBook Pro. Its MAc OS Sierra. The drive is constantly chattering like its searching. I turned off Spotlight on the mac. The chatter goes away when I dismount the drive. Any ideas? I can return it to the vendor as DOA and buy another brand storage device pretty easily.

I also can not mount my portable external drive


The drive will be louder than most you’ve used due to the tech used in order to make a 12TB drive. They are helium sealed drives. The chirp is standard and not an issue with the drive.


I did get my other drive to mount after restarting.


Mine is quite noisy as well- constantly. Never had a drive this loud and its only a 6TB drive. Is there an issue? I cannot afford to lose data on it.


Very unlikely an issue. Usually if a drive is noisy and there is a problem it already isn’t working.