Mac mini user 1tb wd10jpvx00jc370 with Orico enclosure esata and double end usb?

I need help please. I have this replacement and do not want to screw it up since the last one stopped working and I  do not have WD warranty replacement on this model. I first used it on the mac mini and it failed the original one and then tried to use it here in Thailand on the Truevision PVR box with the Orico enclosure and had to format on the Set top box. 

Finally I could not use it there and WD replaced it yesterday with no warranty and I do not know if I need to plug both usb on one end into the mac mini and then reformat it with mac journaled? or since I will not use it on anything but the mac have to download some drivers or software from WD ?

Please tell me one side of the Orico enclosure shows esata plug in the cable has esata on one side that fits there on the other end is the double usb with blue white one and a white one. Do I need to plug in both of those usb into the mac and can I use a usb hub since my mac mini late 2011 only has 4 usb 2.0 slots?

I hope I mede this clear? Thanks in advance on any help in setting up this to back up my mac mini either through time machine or just drag and drop files and pictures and Quick time player movies from the mac?


This drive is an internal laptop drive. We recommend you connect it directly into a laptop computer in order to use it.

Take a look at this link for more information.

Installing a WD SATA, SAS, or PATA drive in an external USB/NAS enclosure or Personal Video Recorder

sorry have only mac mini and Truevison set top box with pvr.

Orico enclosure says I can use with mac mini,

In any case I will try and sell both of these WD and stick with the Buffalo 1TB they work with no problems