Mac Lion Problems with media servers-WD Live disconnects from network

Under Snow Leopard I ran my Mac using Yazsoft’s Playback server to connect to WD HD Live. All was fine. The minute I upgraded to Lion Playback server no longer works–it connects to the WD for a minute or two and then the WD disconnects giving me a message that I’m not connected to the network. I’d say it was a problem with Yazsoft’s Playback but I tried Connect360, Media Connect and Orb and have the same problem with all of them. My MacBook Pro still has Snow Leopard and works well with all four media servers so it’s not the media server. It’s obviously a problem with Lion and the WD talking to each other (even without Samba). Can anyone give me any guidance as to what’s going on and maybe how to fix it? 

What firmware are you using? The latest one?

Yes the very latest. 

Apple removed Samba from Lion and replaced it with their own version of SMB.  It is pretty much broken at this point - complain to Apple.  Samba/SMB is how OSX talks to Windows and other Linux/Unix devices.

If you search around, there are instructions on installing Samba 3 back in to Lion but they require you to be pretty technical and assume a certain level of command line and Unix knowledge.

I am using a server other than the Samba built into OSX. would it have the same effects as Samba?