Mac is not recognising my hard drive

  I tried different port, tried disconnecting from power and retrying.  I’ve tried on another computer other than my mac. Blue light is on so power is there.  It’s a WD Elements model number WD6400EB035-0

It has all my photos on it and I was just trying to save some more on there.

Is there a way I can get my photos off this hard drive??


Do you have the drive plugged into a wall outlet? If not, then try it to see if it works.

Yes i’ve got it plugged into the wall!!!

any more help here? other than telling me to plug it in? 


If the drive is still not seen when you connect it to your computer please try:

1- Connecting the power adapter to the wall directly.

2- If the computer is a desktop, connect it on the back USB port (directly to the PC, not through a hub).


4- Go to "Disk Utility” to verify if the drive shows up there.

If the drive shows up in “Disk Utility” but it is not seen on your desktop, then it means the partition is

corrupted and you will have to format it in order to use it again. Please note that formatting the drive will delete

all data stored on it.

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Thanks for your help

it’s not even showing up in disk utility.  Do you think I can take it somewhere to get my stuff off it?


 If you need to recover the data on your drive, please contact one of our recommended preferred data recovery partners.