MAC iMovie Compatibility

I have searched the forums and have not found an answer.  Looking to store video directly from iMovie onto the external drive but in imovie the drive has an exclamation mark and the drive seems unavailable to imovie.  When using finder there is no problem moving video/music etc. but not imovie video.  Is there a way to reformat the drive with Mac os extended (journalized)?

Thanks in advance for ideas.

You can do it through Mac’s Utilities - just like you would any other drive.


Keep in mind that doing it will destroy the data on the drive, though.  So, if you need the data, you’ll have to move it off the drive first.  Remember, you should always have data backed up in multiple locations.

You could try NTFS 3g this is a good starting spot for infoit allows OS X to read and write NTFS partitions/disks it ‘might’ allow imovie to work with the myBook without reformatting. I’ve never tried it for this specific application but I love being able to write to any type of formatted disk now! :smiley: