Mac G5 and Caviar black 1tb 64mb

I am using a wd black 1tb 32mb system drive and it works great.

I just added a new wd black 1tb 64mb drive to the empty bay but it doesn’t show up.  I swapped bays and the system drive shows up in either position but the new drive does not. I am not using any jumpers. 

Any clues as to what I’m doing wrong or did my new drive arrive dead in the water?

Thanks in advance


Your Mac G5 is limited to 1.5Gbps interface speeds. Try jumpering your drive for 1.5Gbps, if available.

Also, Mac G5 does not support Spread Spectrum Clocking (SSC). Check the SSC jumper.

See this [confusing] jumper diagram:

my drive didn’t ship with any jumpers, I’ll see if I can find a jumper in my stash and get back to you. Thanks

For anyone following this thread, It was a dead drive. Tiger Direct is sending a replacement. The drive just didn’t work.

WD support says that in this Mac, no jumpers are needed. It should show up on disc utility and be ready for formatting.