Mac freeze during file transfer + flashing light


The drive is My Book Studio II - 6 TB.

I was copying a large chunk of files from a flash drive to the WD drive, about 70 GBs, and when it reached 30 GBs of transfer, Snow Leopard freezed. Couldn’t move mouse or try and force quit anything. Tried closing the laptop screen in order to force it to sleep mode, did not work. Unfortunately, I had to press the power button and hold it to turn off the MacBook Pro.

I was worried about corrupting the access to the drives, but I turned the system on again anyway.

I believe it froze due to overheating. Mac turned on again, drive is recognized and working ok. Flash drive too.

The only issue that did not exist and now is constant is a fast flashing on the bottom of the gauge. According to the manual, a fast flashing light indicates overheating. The recommendation is to leave the drive turned off for a couple of hours before turning it on again. So I turned it off and only after 18 hours turned it on again.

The drive is working normally, but the gauge indicator still keeps flashing very fast on the bottom even though the drive is now in a cool environment. Any clues?

Is it any indication of a probable failure? Should I take out everything from the drive and stop using it?

You can run first aid via Disk Utility to check the drives health

There could be a problem with the drive or it could just be an issue with the led

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Disk Utility says the drive is ok.

WD Drive Manager in the info tab says both drives are in good health.

So, I guess both drives are ok.

But this led problem is quite a bugger. Is there anyway to reset the LED?

Should I physically open the case and try to fix the led or just leave it as it is and keep using the drive normally?

Thanks for the response.

Opening the drive will not fix it and will void the warranty

If it really annoys you the drive can be replaced by WD

You can call them to see if there’s anything else that can be done to remedy this

You can never be too cautious regarding backup drives. So I went looking for more answers.

And yesterday, I found there’s a similar topic on this forum, but apparently, with a different outcome. The led blinking here is quite similar to the one shown in the video.

My drive seems fine, but you can only trust S.M.A.R.T to a certain extent. Same goes to Disk Utility and WD Drive Manager. They say drive is OK, in good health, and the LED keeps flashing fast on the bottom. Who do I trust, the software analysis or the LED?

How accurate is the gauge regarding failures? Should I post a video of my own?

Thanks once again for the support.