Mac Formatting on Hub and WD MyBook Essential

Hi all. I’ve never formatted anything. I’m sure I could, particularly with some friends’ help. I have a Hub and have about 500gb worth of videos on it. I didn’t format it to go with my MacBook, i just used a usb stick or transferring over my network.

However I just bought a 2TB Mybook essential. I want it to work with my MacBook and with my WD Hub. So basically I just wanted any thoughts/recommendations regarding the situation. I’m thinking I’ll have to format the Mybook and the Hub to make everything work easier together. Any tips on how to do that would be good too.

Also, I should point out that formatting the Hub won’t be a problem because it’s a new Hub I’d be formatting and transferring my 500gb of videos onto.

Any tips from my fellow Mac users would be appreciated. Thanks.

P.s. Also, is there a registration process for registering my new MyBook warranty-wise?

You do not need to format your WD TV Live Hub, it will work with you MacBook.

To register your new drive, please visit the link below:

For information on how to format your drive for Mac use, please visit the link below:

Note: when formatting your drive for Mac, do not enable Journale, the WD TV Live Hub will have issues with that.


I have a Hub and a 1 Tb MyBook World Edition. I just plugged both of them into my Airport Extreme and put them to work, no reformatting required. You might not need to go through all that effort.