MAC Finder Will Not Accept my Username/Password

Hi. I’m using this for the first time and I am not terribly happy with it yet.

Here’s why: When I log in through the WD Discovery app, my username and password work. BUT when I use the same username and password in the MAC finder to access the WD device, I get an error message (see snapshot attached).

I hooked up multiple external hard drives to the device via the USB port in the back so that I could access everything wirelessly at home and over the internet when away. So I need to access the device through the finder but I can’t.

Can anyone help me here? I have a Macbook Pro M1 using MAC Ventura 13.1 - everything is up-to-date on the computer.


You can only use the Discovery App or website to access the device. The MyCloud Home doesn’t support the finder without the aforementioned app.

You can review the manual for your device at the below url.

So there is no way to use the finder? It shows in my finder. I just can’t log onto it. And I think I can only see the other hard drives with the finder. I would be very surprised if I can’t access everything through the finder. Just trying to understand what you wrote. :slight_smile:

what does that mean: “without the aforementioned app.” So I can use the finder? It shows up there.

You can only use the Discovery App or website to access the device.

Why can’t use the finder? The drive shows there.

What about accessing my external hard drives?

This changed with latest firmware (8.12+).

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