Mac Finder not returning search results

Using MacBook Pro with Mojave

I can access the drive in finder through the My Cloud Home desktop app. I see my files and I can move through the directories. When I enter search criteria I get 0 results. If I connect via the My Cloud Home website I can search just fine for my video files but have to download to play?? I’d just like to search in Finder and drag to my video editor or viewer.

I’ve seen 1 similar topic but someone left a cryptic solution and never gave a more detailed answer. Do I map a drive? Do i connect via afp or smb? Is there some other method to search via finder then directly access resulting video files on My Cloud Home?

Thanks in advance

Thanks for the information.

With my old MyCloud NAS I was able to view/search/edit video and image files directly from the drive. I got My Cloud Home to do the same thing (and have more space). I’m able to see the files and drag-drop into VLC media player for viewing and drag-drop into my video and image editors but I have just under 3000 video and image files, search is a must have.

Is there no way to search My Cloud Home via Finder?? Is there a work around??

I use forklift file manager to search for my 1000s of photos:

you can try it for free. It is very powerful and will search any drive including my cloud, jus point it there. it also does syncing locally and remotely.

it costs: $30 but worth every cent IMO.

Thanks for the suggestion. Will definitely try it out