Mac drivers for My Book Live?

Hello All,

I’ve just installed the 2tb My Book Live via Vista - no problem.

However, we have a Macbook and I wanted to put the software onto this machine from the supplied CD.  However we have discovered that the CD drive is broken - probably dirty as it never gets used.

Plan A is to get a CD cleaner, Plan B is to get an external CD drive.  However, I’m surprised that I can’t find the drivers to run the My Book from the Mac.  As the Vista PC ‘runs’ the drive itself I assume that I don’t need to get the Mac firmware - I just need the ‘drivers’ to allow the Mac to see the drive and allow files to be moved and backups created.

I’ve managed to upload and run SmartWare for the Mac and that works fine - except that the drive isn’t recognised.  By the way, the My Book does appear in the Finder, so the Mac recognises it.

It’s probably obvious that I am no expert on this - Macs in particular - but I’ve scanned the web and forums and found only updates to the firmware.  Is there somewhere I can go for the files the Mac needs to recognise the My Book and allow file management and backups (via SmartWare?) as I should expect and presumably if the installation CD had worked?



Drivers not necessary.

Thanks. What I need is Quick View, it would seem. Where can I get it, accepting the limitations I describe above?

Not sure of there is a QuickView for the MAC, but . . .

Sorry, I’m struggling to see the relevance of that. My question is how to load quickview on a Mac if the CD doesn’t work. Why show me a problem I may or may not have when I finally have QV loaded?

Unless you’ve removed it, the same software that is on the CD should be under a directory/folder named Software under the Public share. Failing that, download it off Western Digital’s support web site, but I have identified a possible issue and it’s always good to be aware of a problem than blind to a problem.  :wink: