Mac does not find the My Cloud - neither the WD software nor the Finder

I have just purchased a My Cloud. The physical set up I have done accordingly to the description. The Cloud can be spotted and connected with a Windows computer but I cannot access it with my MacBook. The MyCloud is not in the Finder but also the WD MyCloud software cannot spot it?
If I go via the Router (Fritzbox) I also find it - just the connection to the MacBook does not work.

Any advise?

If your Mac is using El Capitan there are a variety of issues that are discussed in numerous other threads. One can use the forum search feature to find those threads. Try using the IP address rather than “wdmycloud” to access the My Cloud.

Here are a varity of threads that may assist.

How to access the Dashboard on a My Cloud device:

Thank´s for trying. But I´m returning the device. Yes, I have read thru the various topics on these challenge (Mac/MyCloud) but did not help me. WD speaks about Plug and Play and that is absolutely not the case. I´m certainly not a tech guru but these hours on the PC were no fun and not user friendly.

Note that for most people the My Cloud works as designed. For certain individuals, particularly those who have updated their Mac to El Capitan there are various issues. That is not necessarily the fault of the WD My Cloud product, but rather is the fault of Apple.

Before returning, it did you try on the MacBook accessing the My Cloud via it’s IP address rather than “http://mycloud.local/”?

I agree - it seems to be an apple problem but in the end it does not matter. the macbook is here and cannot be returned to the dealer but the WD device can. Too bad

You could complain to Apple; it’s their problem, and not confined to WD NAS products.

Other users have reported 10.11.2 beta fixes the problem. Wait for 10.11.2 rollout?

The WD MyCloud is not faulty in this instance.

hmmm cannot argue with the logic. It is like, returning the purchase of your car because the roads are bad. :stuck_out_tongue: