MAC Disk Utility doesnt see WD Mybook Ethernet

Hello - Very frustrated here.  I recently bought the 2tb Ethernet based Mybook World editon.  I have it connected via my Airport Extreme.  So… After calling WD support and accessing the HD from my browser ( smb://blah blah) , three things appear on my desktop - Configuration, Download and Public.  WD support told me that I need to reformat the drveusing Disk Utility.  Ok - I know how to do that - problem is that thre Du doesnt seem to see the Ethernet drive.  So, I went into the Config disk option of the mybook.  It asks for a user name and PW.  Where do it set that i up>>

I knw the answer is simple.  Can someone with more patience than me, please help?? :slight_smile:  MUCH APPRECATED.



Your oriignal password would have been “admin” but you would have changed it the first time you configured your device - only you would know…