Mac connection

I had my WD My Book World connected to my router but have always had a problem accessing it. Sometimes it would b/u my data and sometimes nothing. Anyway, I read (I think) that it could be connected directly to my iMac ethernet connection and conigured it for DHCP. My mac still dosen’t see it and the white light flashes indicating a system event or some such thing. Is my assumption correct in being able to connect directly to my mac? Thank you.


Once connected it will show up on finder

you can also map the drive 

I finally figured out the “Finder” deal for connecting to a server. Hoever, my imac isn’t seeing the drive. I still have a rapid flashing white light after pluging it in. The Finder states that "There was a problem connecting to the server “wdsharespace”. I think I need to figure out the flashing light first. Thanks. 

Mmmmm sharespace is a different product, Have you sorted it ?

Flashing white light turned out to be a warning that I was approaching max capacity. I have connected a couple times but can not maintain connection. I downloaded new firnware which supposidly corrected some problems with using the drive on a mac. Still to no avail. Can’t use time machine nor can I maintain a connection.

My sharespace has a blue light.