Mac Book White stopped recognizing my WD Passport


I purchased my passport about a year ago.  Recently I noticed that when I plugged in my HD, I hear a motor and a light turns on but my computer doesn’t recognize it.  

When I tried my other laptop (mac book pro), the same thing happens.  

I thought that maybe a driver needed to updated.  I went to the WD website downloaded the driver, but the driver wizard is telling me that my device is not connected when it is.  

Do you guys have any suggestions for me.  I have so much data on this thing, it would be a shame to lose it all.


Did you check on the disk utility? what it says?

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Hi, yes.  The external drive doens’t show up.  It is plugged in, the light is on, and I hear a light motor but that is all.

THank you for any suggestions.

Change cables and make sure you don’t use one that’s over 18 inches.


I would also try it on another usb port and on another mac to make sure there isn’t issues with the computer. Otherwise, there might be a failure with either the disk or the enclosure.

I have the exact same problem

Blue light is on but none of my macs recognize the drive.

It is not in the finder or disk utility

Any suggestions greatly appreciated

I have the exact same problem too. My passport external HD used to show up on my desktop and in the finder when using my macbook book pro with Lion 10.7. Now it won’t.  Blue light is flashing but it does show up in disk utility but it doesn’t show up on the desktop or finder.

It also says in disk utility that it isn’t mounted. Please help!? 

I had a similar issue on my iMac.  The drive was getting power because the lights were on and I could hear the drive but my Mac couldnt see it.  Long story short - It turned out to be the power supply.  When I swapped out the power supply the drive worked fine.  I would have never thought that was the issue because the drive was definitely getting power.  This may have nothing to do with your situation but wanted to mention my experience.