m4v to mp4 ext change causes VIDEO stutter


I am running 01.01.17 (same issue with 11 though) and have a 720p 60htz tv. Connected via hdmi.

If I have a m4v file I know to change the extension on it to mp4 to be able to ff/rw but as a result there is VIDEO stutter that is not there when the file is m4v. 

Is anyone having this issue? I have heard plenty about audio synch w/ mp4. Surprisingly I am not getting this problem. But the video issue… I have not heard about. 


if no one can help, could someone at least chime in  if they have the same problem?

i am on the orig .00 firmware and have not encountered audio sync problems when i chg an .m4v to .mp4.

afaik, f/w after .00 (including .17) causes audio to go out of sync when you ff/rw an mp4 video (symptoms you are encountering)…i do not think it is the changing of the file extension that is causing your audio to go out of sync…

the problem I am reporting is VIDEO stutter. not audo. I repeat: VIDEO stutter/judder… lag between frame changes, etc. 

Yes I’m having been problems with video stuttering even with the extension of .m4v not changed.

I’m using the last f/W  2.21 they still havent fixed it. Been on futal tech support call and finially they gave up and passed it on to the engineering team. “Black Hole”   No word since then.

There seems to be an encoding problem they have which originally I thought was bit rate issue but I can watch .*mkv files sourced from BluRay. perfectly no stuttering.

I measured around a 20 Mb/s sustained for the playback and that is much more than the m4v files.

Also experimented with different settings on handbrake VBR no VBR still an issue.

I believe they have to be aware of this but I here no admission of the problem on WD’s part.

My only common source of problem seems to be handbrake.      Apple TV, PopCorn Hour  plays the m4v’s fine. I only had to change extension to Mp4’s so Thumbnail setting would display Tag information. Which is another story with this box.