m4v files purchased from iTunes won't play on my new wd tv Live box...help :-)

Hi guys,

We purchased a WD TV Live box today with the intention of watching our recently purchased X-Files season 1 from iTunes.

The WD TV unit states that it is unable to open the m4v file format.  Interestingly when I copied the m4v file into a seperate folder in windows 7 the file appeared to have switched to mpeg4…

Following a brief google search some people suggest a program called Handbrake to ‘re-code’ file type.  However, handbrake will not allow me to open the files because they are apparently ‘copy protected, damaged or corrupted’.

note - we paid alot of money for this product (and our iTunes TV-Show) and would really like to be able to actually watch it on the TV…we are not computer experts and really just expected the product to work as advertised from the supplier…

Any help or advice would be great  (I have a VERY unhappy and frustrated partner) :slight_smile:



The WDTV unit’s specs also state:

File Formats Not Supported
  • Does not support protected premium content such as movies or music from the iTunes® Store, Movielink®, Amazon Unbox and Vongo®

The File didn’t “Switch” to MPEG4… M4V files *are* MPEG4 files.

I think your only alternative is to return the WDTV and buy an AppleTV. If I understand it correctly, only AppleTV can play DRM-protoected iTunes files.

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the advice.  We will definitely be returning the product.  The salesmen specifically told us that it was capable of running our purchased iTunes series.  Obivously not the case.  Highly frustrating considering we went into the store and specifically asked for an apple TV box only to be given a quasi-knowledgable sales pitch regarding the merits and functionality of this device.  Feeling more than a little deceived and let down to say the least.  Not WD’s concern, but the same can not be said for the shop (specifically the salesman) that sold us the product.  Again, thankyou for your swift response, much appreciated.

Note: WD’s ‘File Formats Not Supported’ information is deceptively small and difficult to find on the side-of-the-box compared to the rest of the information contained on the packaging.  In fact ‘File Formats Not Supported’ did not form part of the sentence warning prospective customers.  Big bright bold letters on the front of the package may be a more suitable place to position this critical information.



The only products I have bought that has the warnings and limitations prominately displayed are Beer and Cigarettes.  :smileyvery-happy:

LOL! so true… :smiley: