M4A Support?

I am confused. The manual says M4A Audio is supported.

All my songs are converted from CD to M4A via iTunes - and am getting error message saying format not supported. Other times, it would cycle thru all the songs in the album and then stop.

Current firmware is WD TV Live 1.02.21

is this a known issue or am I missing something?

I too would like to play my m4a files.  I converted over my CD collection a while ago, and it seems silly that I cannot play these non-DRM files on this fancy new hardware!  I can convert to aif, but the size difference is enormous!  Is there any hope that m4a format (apple lossless) will be supported soon?

M4A is supported, but there are some bit Rate / Resolutions that are not.

What Bit Rate / Resolution did you encode at?