m3u support on WDEP

Someone tried m3u playlists ? I don’t get them recognized, folders seem to be empty :frowning:

The playlist entries have to point to the correct location.

If you just created an M3U through some application, the entries probably point to a location that’s based on where your PC thought the files were.

Post an excerpt of your playlist and we’ll take a look.

I managed to sort of get them working. My playlist  finds the files but plays them in alphanumeric order and not the order I added them. I used Playlist Creator 3.6.2 (freeware), I went into the playlist settings and picked the setting “absolute no drive name”, just dragged the files WDEP from the explorer onto the playlist creator and saved the m3u in either the movies or music folder.

Sorry, my mistake.

The problem was that m3u file names were not visible at all like my playlist folders were empty. What I did wrong is accessing the folders from file manager icon instead of music one. Somehow I thought the file manager give you access to all files but nevermind. It works now just as should.

Btw, my playlists are created in winamp and have only relative path which I preserved when copied from PC to WDEP. Everything plays ok including the right song order.

Hi - Did you try winamp on video files? I’m getting closer but still no there yet. Could open one of your play lists in txt editor and paste it here so I can check mine look the same. Thx


I posted it on another thread but here it goes again, I will also try today to make it work for videos…

#EXTINF:458,Communic - Conspiracy in Mind
\w_mp3\Communic\2005 Conspiracy in Mind\01 Conspiracy in Mind.mp3
#EXTINF:408,Communic - History Reversed
\w_mp3\Communic\2005 Conspiracy in Mind\02 History Reversed.mp3
#EXTINF:593,Communic - They Feed On Our Fear
\w_mp3\Communic\2005 Conspiracy in Mind\03 They Feed On Our Fear.mp3
#EXTINF:448,Communic - Communication Sublime
\w_mp3\Communic\2005 Conspiracy in Mind\04 Communication Sublime.mp3
#EXTINF:488,Communic - The Distance
\w_mp3\Communic\2005 Conspiracy in Mind\05 The Distance.mp3
#EXTINF:405,Communic - Ocean Bed
\w_mp3\Communic\2005 Conspiracy in Mind\06 Ocean Bed.mp3
#EXTINF:659,Communic - Silence Surrounds
\w_mp3\Communic\2005 Conspiracy in Mind\07 Silence Surrounds.mp3
#EXTINF:502,Communic - Under a Luminous Sky
\w_mp3\Communic\2006 Waves of Visual Decay\01 Under a Luminous Sky.mp3
#EXTINF:537,Communic - Frozen Asleep in the Park
\w_mp3\Communic\2006 Waves of Visual Decay\02 Frozen Asleep in the Park.mp3
#EXTINF:414,Communic - Watching It all Disappear
\w_mp3\Communic\2006 Waves of Visual Decay\03 Watching It all Disappear.mp3
#EXTINF:540,Communic - Fooled by the Serpent
\w_mp3\Communic\2006 Waves of Visual Decay\04 Fooled by the Serpent.mp3
#EXTINF:492,Communic - Waves of Visual Decay
\w_mp3\Communic\2006 Waves of Visual Decay\05 Waves of Visual Decay.mp3
#EXTINF:401,Communic - My Bleeding Victim
\w_mp3\Communic\2006 Waves of Visual Decay\06 My Bleeding Victim.mp3
#EXTINF:586,Communic - At Dewy Prime
\w_mp3\Communic\2006 Waves of Visual Decay\07 At Dewy Prime.mp3
#EXTINF:524,Communic - On Ancient Ground
\w_mp3\Communic\2008 Payment of Existence\01 On Ancient Ground.mp3
#EXTINF:525,Communic - The Abandoned One
\w_mp3\Communic\2008 Payment of Existence\02 The Abandoned One.mp3
#EXTINF:474,Communic - Becoming of Man
\w_mp3\Communic\2008 Payment of Existence\03 Becoming of Man.mp3
#EXTINF:452,Communic - Payment of Existence
\w_mp3\Communic\2008 Payment of Existence\04 Payment of Existence.mp3
#EXTINF:346,Communic - Through the Labyrinth of Years
\w_mp3\Communic\2008 Payment of Existence\05 Through the Labyrinth of Years.mp3
#EXTINF:498,Communic - Raven’s Cry
\w_mp3\Communic\2008 Payment of Existence\06 Raven’s Cry.mp3
#EXTINF:399,Communic - Unpredictables of Life
\w_mp3\Communic\2008 Payment of Existence\07 Unpredictables of Life.mp3
#EXTINF:551,Communic - Stone Carved Eyes
\w_mp3\Communic\2008 Payment of Existence\08 Stone Carved Eyes.mp3

I edited it and included few video files (see below). Unfortunately it ignores the order and plays in alfabetical order. I have no idea why :frowning:

\Hd\Crtaci\Shaun the sheep\S3_e01-10\shaun.the.sheep.s03e01.720p.hdtv.x264-sfm.avi
\Hd\Crtaci\Shaun the sheep\S3_e01-10\shaun.the.sheep.s03e02.720p.hdtv.x264-sfm.avi