M2TS Playback Problems

I’m *frequently* encountering problems trying to play back .M2TS files…

I have several ‘Blu-Ray’ (BD9) Folder Structures containing movies (in AVCHD 1080P format) in BDMV\STREAM folders on a network hard drive.

The M2Ts files therein have names following normal .M2TS naming conventions: 00000.m2ts, 00001.m2ts, 00002.m2ts…etc.

(Note: probably doesn’t matter but - in ALL cases where I’ve had problems, there have always been 3 files: 00000, 00001, and 00002… which one would normally expect to find giving the max size of a ‘BD9’)

Here’s what FREQUENTLY (but not ALWAYS!) happens (2 times (movies) out of 3 so far):

When I try to play the movie FROM THE BEGINNING by selecting the first (or ANY!) of the files in the target folder, PLAYBACK ALWAYS ‘STARTS PLAYING’ AT THE *SECOND FILE* (IE. 00001.m2ts) and I simply CANNOT, ‘EVER’ (in those cases where I have had problems), get playback to start at the beginning of the movie - ie. file 00000.m2ts - even if I try(to) by STOPPING, RESTARTING PLAYBACK and trying to take the ‘Play Back From THhe Beginning’ ‘path’/option.

NOW - this problem does not ALWAYS seem to occur - ONE of the THREE test movies I have attempted to play back so far DOES seem to play properly from the beginning but the other two do not, ‘EVER’.


I SEEM to have been able to ‘work around’ the problem by (UNIX/LINUX) ‘CATting’ the 3 .M2TS files into a SINGLE ALL.M2TS file, placing it into a new sub-directory (STREAM2) under BDMV and playing it (ALL.M2TS) back from THERE, in which case playback DOES start from the beginning!.

Workaround notwithstanding, this is QUITE irritating.

Anyone ELSE encountering this problem?

Oh, and BTW - no OTHER (software) players I have/use encounter any problems playing these movies back from the beginning. (I generally use VLC Media Player the most).

Finally, I am using (AFAIK) the latest firmware 1.11?? on my WD TV Live.

Help? Ideas" Fixes?


Oh… and one other thing I might mention:

In the case where playback ‘successfully’ starts at the ‘beginning’, one will see a brief “1/3” (“1 (the 1st) of 3 files being played”), whereas in the cases where playback starts on the second file (00001.m2ts),  the display is ('only) “1/2”, suggesting that the player only ‘sees’ TWO and ot THREE files…