m2ts files from Playstation 3/Play TV

I’ve just got a 2nd hand WD TV HD Player (Gen 1 I think). I’m very impressed with it so far and it seems to play every file I throw at it. I’m on the latest software version.

Just a minor gripe and I don’t know if there is a solution: I like to record Freeview programmes on my Playstation 3/Play TV. The resulting files are m2ts and although the WD TV recognises and plays them, the time code is screwy. This gives me a couple of problems with fast forwarding and resuming playback.

  1. If there is no recognised time code at all, you can FF, but as soon as you press the play button, it simply starts from the beginning again.
  2. If there IS a timecode (it usually reads something like 33:00:33), then I can FF and it will play from the point I’ve fast forwarded to, but if I stop playing the file and then come back to it later, it doesn’t give me the usual option to resume

Can anybody shed any light on this…or a workaround?

Sony being Sony the files are probably using a proprietary format even if it is H.264 in an m2ts container.

How do the files play (and FF/RWD) on a PC?

If I were you I’d try running them through tsMuxer GUI (google it) and see if that fixes it.

Or you might have to re-encode using something like Handbrake.

They FF fine on a PC. I was hoping to avoid re-encoding, even though I have TSMuxer and Handbrake.

My next easiest solution is to record programmes on my DVD Recorder and then extract them as an mpeg file (takes about 5 mins per hour recording). So it’s not a big deal, it’s just that it’s EVEN easier with the PS3 - simply drag and drop the file.

It must be something to do with the files from the PS3. m2ts files from my Panasonic camera FF, REW and Resume ok.