Low speed on FTP / WD2go transfer - Help

Hello everyone.

I recently bought a WD MyBook Live 3TB (latest firmware) as a solution to backup and remotely access my files and documents. The NAS is connected to a gigabit router TP-Link WDR4300 and the internet connection (PPPoE) supports 120 Mbps download and 80 Mbps upload (fiber line).

When trying to access files from work (20 Mbps down/20 Mbps up line), using FTP or WD2go, download speed is very low - about 150 KB / s (single file transfer). Surprisingly, if I want to upload files, the speed is around 2MB / s.

In the WD Mybook Live dashboard all seems right. In remote acces menu I have “direct connection”, all ports are forwarded, NAS uses static IP and IP reservation in the router settings. At home, i have 75MB/s-80MB/s file transfer in local network (as it should be).

I cannot understand why there are such big differences between download speed and upload speed when using FTP or WD2go from my office. I only want to use the NAS device in normal conditions. There must be something thats slowing down the file transfer.

Please help. I am almost desperate

Try a simple FTP from a high-speed ftp server such as


See what kinds of speeds you get there.

If they’re also slow, well, then you know the WD isn’t the issue.

Thanks for the quick response!

From this FTP server the download speed was about 2 MB/s compared to 150 KB/s from my NAS.

Any ideas on this matter ? What should I do ?

Sorry, I don’t know what to offer…