Low memory; Constantly rebooting; Really slow menu navigation; Embarrassed to use in company!

Am I the only one completely unhappy with these devices ?

I made the mistake of buying two of these for seperate rooms in the house.

I dare not use them if I have visitors ! 

They both behave in the same way…I constantly get messages asking me to reboot because of low memory… Halfway through a film it will just randomly stop… Navigating the menus can take longer than watching a film…I spend vast amounts of time watching the little arrow spinning round.

I know nothing of the technical side of these but I get the impression they have a timex watch processor and nothing in the way of memory.

I’m sure someone is going to suggest " … But have you tried this …"

I shouldn’t have to try anything.

It should just work ! 

These things are not fit for purpose.


Hello and welcome to the community,

What is the firmware version on the WD TV?


So…After my rant,and feeling a little guilty, I thought I’ll have another go.

Light on. Grab the remote; push some buttons. Nothing. Completely frozen.

Try it with the iphone app. No. Still nothing.

I’ve pulled the lead out of the back and given in.