Low level format on Velociraptor WD1500HLFS


I think that my Velociraptor is corrupted. :cry:

When I start my computer, it block on the black screen with the windows logo “Starting Windows 7”.

I think my velociraptor is corrupted because I moved my pc to another home and inadvertently plugged it to a dysfunctional screen (this screen makes my fan turn while my pc isn’t electrically plugged).

Maybe it is because of the electric shock or maybe it has been shaken but my pc block.

I have tried on most every things (clear cmos and load default bios, change RAM, video card, reinstall windows) and it always block at the same state (windows logo)

I don’t have any PC with Windows XP to help me.

Do you think, like me that my disk is corrupted and that a low level format can repair it?

Do you know where I can find a bootable tool to low format it and how to use it?

I hope my English is understandable, I’m French.

Thank you in advance


False Alarm,

I tried with another HD and it still not work.

It should come from my mother board…:neutral_face:

I will try to find the solution somewhere else

good luck