Low Level Format - Now Drive is SLOW - Please help

Hi guys,

I’ve got a “My Book Essential” WDBAAF0020HBK 2TB External hard drive.

I did a low level format on it using “HDD Low Level Format Tool”.

Now my drive is unusable - it’s slow, and copying files back and forth is impossible.

I tried to use Data Lifeguard to fix the drive - but it comes  up with an error so will not work.

I’ve tried windows format, and a few other format tools/software – but they either report a drive error, or don’t fix the problem.

The drive was fine before the format (i formated it to try and remove smartware), is my drive now permantly messed up – or is there anything i can try? Maybe amother WD software that will reset it all to default???

Should i try and fix the drive in the enclosure, or take the hdd and plug it in internally?

Cheers for the help. 

When you formatted did you delete the partition/volume first? This can cause problems.


Thanks for your reply joe – how do i fix the problem if i did delete the partition/volume first??


When you format you do need to delete the partition/volume or there may be errors. I don’t know about tool you used. Try reformatting with this  http://www.partitionwizard.com/ and see if it works better. I don’t know which drive you have but some of the oder ones which may still be in stock have the Smartware on a virtual CD that cannot be removed. If it’s the older style with the VCD the easiest fix is simply go into device manager and disable it.