Low Disc Space only 4TB showing of 8TB

I have a 8TB My Cloud Drive but it just notified me that it was low on disc space. Looking in the mapped network drives it shows 1.90MB free of 3.57TB. if i log into the NAS it says it still has 4+TB free. Any thoughts?

Out of the box it’s configured as RAID1 which means the two disks are mirrored, so you only get 4TB.

You’ll have to reconfigure it as RAID0 if you want all the space available, but doing so WILL ERASE YOUR DRIVES.

I would agree but Mine is a single drive box and when you log into the console it show 8TB.

@premierserve When was the last time you rebooted your device or turned it off completely and restarted it? I do mine once a week. You may want to try rebooting and see what happens. Wait a while after you reboot to check and see if it corrected your problem.

Tried a reboot but still the same issue.