Low Bandwidth of cable Thunderbolt 3 G-drive

Hi, I can’t get high speed between G-drive Thunderbolt 3 and MacBookPro 2017 when I use attached Thunderbolt cable. The data speed about 135 MB/s. I think the reason of the low data rate in the type of cable that is listed on your website as 20 Gbps. I’m planing to buy a new cable 1ft StarTech Thunderbolt 3 USB Type-C Male Cable (1.6 ', 40 Gbps) which will guarantee the bandwidth of 40 Gbps. Will it solve my problem?

Incorrect info edited out

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What you mean - Software Utility? Where it can be? I use mac os x, are you shure that this utility presents here?

So, I had tried to make next manipulation and got interesting result:
I backed up all data from G-Drive and erase it as Mac OS Extended Journaled (i never did it since I bought the unit). Once I changed the icon, I had started BlackMagic Speed test. The final result is incredible - over 230Mbps read and write speed with stress 1 Gb. Please Rydia, can you comment this amazing result, it was very unexpected for me…

The partition on the drive could have been corrupted so reformatting it and clearing it off helped alleviate the performance issues.

The previous info I gave out was for another device I mistook yours for that unit originally.

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Thank you Rydia, all works good now.