Lovely red light on the front

Hi All
After a power cut, My EX2 Ultra went through the lengthy process of restarting and doing its checks. Since this time, once the blue top light on the front panel stopped flashing it went a constant red.
Panic!! … maybe not. The device is working fine. It is doing everything it did before. I have cloud access, network access the whole lot.
Other than being very irritating to look at, should I be concerned?

If you haven’t done so already you may want to see the OS5 (assuming you are using OS5) EX Series subforum where the EX2 Ultra issues with the OS5 firmware is generally being discussed.

OS5 EX Series

There are a number of discussions involving a red led on the front of the EX series units.

If using OS3 (the v2.x firmware) on your EX2 Ultra, see the dedicated OS3 My Cloud EX2 subforum where the OS3 firmware EX2 Ultra is generally discussed.


A little black nail polish will soon make that annoying light vanish.
Great for bright, annoying blue leds at night