Loud noise!

hi , 

i,ve got a My Book Essential 1 TB for about a year and a half , 

used it with my pc , two weeks ago i got a MAC , and i installed a NTFS reader for it and used the my book with it … 

since using it with the mac , i’ve started hearing loud noise from the hard disk like somthing is hitting in it  , even when im using it in windows with parallels , 

i did defragement to the hard on windows and nothing changed , 

does that mean that the hard is getting to its end or what !!?

Well, this means problem, I’ll suggest you to backup your data and replace your drive as soon as possible.

Definitely get your data off while you can. Then run WD DLG and check for errors. What did you install on the Mac? I wonder if that corrupted something on the external drive .Does it make the noise on Windows too?


i didnt install anything !
when i use it with Windows it make noise also but in some way its more smoother and quieter !  

Your first post mentioned installing a NTFS reader on a Mac I suspect it may have corrupted something if that is when the problem started. What did you install? I would definitely get anything off the drive that you can then run the tests with DLG. You mention Windows with parallels is that a virtual PC running Windows on the Mac? If so test drive on a real Windows PC? Virtual machines aren’t the greatest with USB hardware.