Lots of issues with HUB

I live with a person who is really uneducated, disrespectful and lazy. I have repeatedly told this person never to just unplug my WDTV Live HUB player, nor the external hard drive connected to it - ever. Nontheless she continuously just yanks the plug out to use the socket for whatever reason, and she doesn’t realize the everytime she does it, i will know because my PC will tell me that the drive has been disconnected. (She always seems stunned when i walk out and yell at her for unplugging it like How did he know!?)

Anyway, it was in the middle of a firmware update, and she unplugged it again (EVEN THOUGH IT SAYS REALLY BIG ON THE SCREEN DO NOT UNPLUG !)

and ever since then i have had alot of problems with it.

After she did this 90% of the time when it would boot up, it would boot up with the stock Mochi theme(i use tinwarbles theme) and it would say that i have no media and that there is no drive(s) connected (not even the internal drive or the external) I would have to restart it like 10 times in a row and eventually it will boot up normally.

So it took me about 20 reboots to finally get the firmware to actually update correctly. because if it rebooted without the drives connected and basically like it was factory reset, then it wouldn’t connect to the internet, and without internet i couldn’t update the firmware-- But I DID finally get it to update

Now (80% of the time anyway) it boots up correctly, but once in a while it will boot up like it was factory reset with the mochi theme and say i have no media and no drives connected(not even the internal drive)

And 2 days ago when it would boot up, it would get to the main screen, but once you started to go into folders to get to a movie to play it would have a screen pop up and say, “(The device has encountered a fatal error and must restart)” and then it would only give you the option to click okay and it would restart. It did this about 3 times and then i unplugged it for about 5 minutes and then plugged it back in and it worked. Then later that night it did it again and i went over and picked it up and realized that it was EXTREMELY HOT, like really really really hot… so i had put an ice pack on it to help it cool down and i unplugged it again.

Is there anything i can to do help fix all these issues ive been having? Is there a way i can do a factory reset without losing all my movies on the internal drive? Just to reset the software in case it’s just a software issue because of the screw up i had when updating the last firmware? Also what would cause the HUB to overheat, is there anything i can do to prevent it happening again? I do not want to fry my hard drive or the processor or anything from an overheat – so what could cause this, could it be a software issue causing it to overheat? and what options do i have?

_ “so i had put an ice pack on it to help it cool down and i unplugged it again.” _

_ :dizzy_face: _

lol, why the open mouth smiley face?

was that not good to do to it?

i figured if it was extremely hot that unplugging it and cooling it down as quick as possible would be the best option for it before it got so hot it fried my drive inside…

I’d start by moving…