Lost wireless capability after Livewire


I recently installed the Livewire Powerline Kit CPL to my wireless router which is a Westell 327w.  Livewire works great, wireless has become nonexistant unless I power the router on and off, but even then, its hit and miss.  Most times, miss.  I am wondering if the Westell is a good enough router to run both wireless and livewire. Before the Livewire, I have had my PC connected to the Westell, and wireless worked fine.  Something the Livewire requires must override or bypass the wireless capability of the westell.  We have two Ipad users in the house that are mad at me know, but streaming to the TV (via Livewire) has never been better.  Does anyone have any insight?  Thanks much in advance.

Has anybody else experienced this?

I’m no expert on the subject, but I just bought a similar powerline product and haven’t had an issue with it. All the livewire kit does is act as if you had run an ethernet cord to the TV. I’d say it’s something wrong with your router.

I suppose, as it seems I am the only one this has happened to, but if I unplug the livewire and reboot the router all is well with the wireless.  Thank you much for your help.

Incidentally, can you share with me the brand and model of wireless router you use?  Maybe I need to upgrade, though I doubt it as full functionality returns if I remove the Livewire.  Thanks.